Protect your propertyThe Domestic Package Policy covers your residence
or building against various risks.

What is the Domestic Package Policy?

This is a packaged policy specially designed to comprehensively cover residential premises against various risks. It provides cover for a dwelling house and contents against specified perils. It also covers you against legal liability for accidental bodily injuries and loss or damage to property (occupiers and owners liability).
What's in it for you?

The policy covers against loss of or damage to property resulting from fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake fire and shock, volcanic eruption, bush fire, riot, strike and malicious damage. It also covers special perils, theft involving actual forcible entry to or exit from the premises and accidental damage and simple theft (larceny).

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What do we need from you?
  • Current reinstatement value of buildings
  • Contents value
  • Plant, machinery or equipment replacement cost
  • Value of furniture, fixtures and fittings
  • Value laptops, screens, mobile phones

To enable us to provide a quote, we require:

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    • Workmen's Compensation (Domestic Servants)
    • Owner’s Liability
    • Occupier’s Personal Liability

    The same proposal form is used for all these risks, and only one policy will be issued. We cannot give cover under Section E unless cover is also required under Section A; nor can Section F be insured under this type of policy unless either Section A or Section B is also insured.

    We may be prepared to grant cover under one only of Section D, E or F and this would be dealt with by the issue of a separate Policy, not on the Domestic Package form.

    Please bear in mind that if a separate policy is issued, a minimum premium per policy apply. It is more economical to insure these contingencies as an extension of the Buildings or Contents cover.

    The same proposal form is used for all these risks, and only one policy will be issued.

    • Electrical or mechanical breakdown or faulty manipulation
    • Wear, tear, gradual deterioration, vermin, inherent vices, rust, or atmospheric conditions.
    • Property damaged by its undergoing any process involving the application of heat, or the actual process of dyeing, cleaning repair, or renovation.
    • Loss of cash, currency, banknotes, or securities of any kind.
    • Theft from motor vehicles unless the property is contained at the time of loss in a locked boot or locked locker forming an integral part of the vehicle.
    • Breakage of articles of a brittle nature unless such damage is caused by fire or thieves.
    • Damage to or scratching of lenses unless the apparatus is damaged at the same time.