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      What is Marine Hull cover?

      This is comprehensive insurance of water vessels (boats, yacht, ship) for private use and /or leisure purposes. The cover is against loss or damage to the hull, engines, and accessories. It can be extended to cover legal liability to any third party due to negligence related to the vessel’s operations or the actions of masters or crew. Mostly covered perils are: perils of the sea, fire, explosion, theft, piracy, jettison, earthquake, volcanic eruption, and physical damage caused by the negligence of the master, officers, crew, or pilots.
        How does Marine Cargo work?

        Marine Cargo Air: this class is used for all transits where the principal means of conveyance is by air. This class applies to both inland and overseas transits. Marine Cargo Land: annual and one-off transits under cargo contracts principally within South Sudan where the principal means of conveyance is by road or rail. Marine Cargo Sea: this class is used for imports/exports under one-off, open and annual contracts where the principal means of carriage is by sea.

        Marine Hull
        What is Marine Cargo cover?

        Our cover compensates loss or damage to goods and, or merchandise in transit by sea, air, rail, road or registered post. UAP SOUTH SUDAN provides for three classes: Marine Cargo Sea, Marine Cargo Air and Marine Cargo Land..

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        • Exclusions:

          • Loss of or damage to outboard motors through theft unless they are securely locked to the boat or in a store
          • Loss of or damage to sails or protective covers through being split by the wind or blown away while the sail is set, unless caused by the vessel grounding being stranded, sunk or in collision
          • Personal effects
          • Use for any purpose other than private pleasure
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