Insure your livestockGet insurance for your animals in case the
unexpected happens.
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      What is Livestock Insurance?

      This policy covers your cattle (dairy and beef), pigs, sheep and goats. This is a 24/7 cover, and we tailor make it to suit you and your flock. It pays the owner of the animal in the case that the animal dies or gets injured as a result: accidents such as lightening, internal and external injuries, windstorm, snake bite, electrocution or flooding and any animal illness or disease, epidemics and emergency slaughter on the advice of qualified veterinary surgeon following an accident, illness or disease.
        What's in it for you?We will also pay the owner for the animal if:
        • Calving, farrowing and kidding complications leading to the death of the insured animal. Death as a result of drought in ASAL areas. Livestock insurance is a risk management tool for livestock farmers facing frequent or severe drought.
        • Theft of the insured animal: restricted to only areas with security standards in place.
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        TALK TO USInsure your livestock against accidents, epidemics, theft and more.
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