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      corporate group medical standard

      What is Group Medical Insurance (Standard)?

      Health insurance is a type of insurance coverage that pays for medical and surgical expenses incurred by the insured. It can reimburse the insured for expenses incurred from illness or injury, or pay the care provider directly. It is often included in employer benefit packages as a means of enticing employees. Our standard health insurance provides coverage within the territorial limit of South Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia and India.
      What's in it for you?Inpatient is an obligatory benefit. The proposer may choose to add other supplementary benefits like outpatient, dental, optical and maternity. As a general rule, UAP can quote for any inpatient limit of between USD 1,000 – USD 62,500 or equivalent SSP amount, and Maximum outpatient limit of USD 5,000. All waiting periods have been waived for group covers. The table below shows the main health benefits provided. Learn more about our benefits on the Group Medical Insurance.Group Medical Standard
      How does it work?An employer/employee relationship must exist.

      Employees and spouses below or seventy (70) years old can join the scheme. Dependents include spouse, own children, legally adopted and foster children. Children below or 25 years old will be covered under their families with proof of learning,

      Moratorium underwriting is employed, hence no requirement of medical examination. However, the employer shall fill a group proposal form, and members will fill in individual proposal forms.

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      • Outpatients exclusions

        Claims arising from war (whether declared or not) and guerilla activities are not covered, but we are willing to extend a sub-limit upon payment of additional premium.


        • Medical checkups/exams not related to an illness
        • Family planning & infertility.
        • Alcohol and substance abuse.
        • Weight management treatments and drugs.
        • Cosmetic treatments.
        • Nutritional supplements unless prescribed as part of medical treatment of specified conditions.
        • Self-referred or self-prescribed treatment.
        • Treatment outside the appointed panel of service providers (unless pre-authorized).
        • Impotence drugs
        • Alternative (acupuncture, chiropractor, homeopathy etc.) and herbal medicine.
        • Diagnostic equipment (e.g. Glucometers, BP machines etc.) and hearing aids.
        • Experimental treatment.
        • External surgical appliances (frames, wheelchairs).
      • Inpatient exclusions:

        1. Bodily injury or disease and/or illness:

        • Sustained as a result of the insured engaging in (or practice for or taking part in training peculiar to) any of the Excluded Activities.
        • Occurring to an Insured after the expiry of the Period of Insurance during which such insured attains the age of 70 years.
        • Consequent upon an insured committing or attempting to commit suicide or intentionally self-inflicting wounds or ailments on himself or willfully exposing himself to needless peril except in an attempt to save human life or arising out of non-adherence to medical advice.
        • Directly or indirectly occasioned by or happening through or in consequence of ionizing radiation or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or from any nuclear waste from the combustion of nuclear fuel. For the purpose of this Exclusion, combustion shall include any self-sustained process of nuclear fission.
        • Whilst the insured is traveling by air other than as a passenger on a registered airline.
        • Costs arising from a member receiving experimental treatment or being a subject of medical research.
        • Whilst on service or duty with or undergoing training with any military organization, notwithstanding that the injury occurred whilst the Insured was on leave and not in uniform.

        2. Bodily injury, illness and/or disease or medical expenses consequent upon or contributed to by the insured:

        • Having taken drugs orally or intravenously unless the insured proves that the drug was taken in accordance with proper medical prescription and directions from a medical practitioner and not for treatment of drug addiction.
        • Suffering from alcoholism.
        • Disregarding medical advice given by a registered medical practitioner.
        • Costs arising from a member receiving experimental treatment or being a subject of medical research.
      • 1. Medical Expenses consequent upon:

        • Cosmetic, plastic or maxillofacial surgery unless necessary to correct traumatic bodily injury.
        • Maintenance or treatment received in health hydros, nature cure clinics or homeopaths, chiropractors, acupuncture and herbal.
        • Medicine (alternative medicine), or similar establishments or private beds registered within a nursing home attached to such establishments.
        • Any residential stay in hospital or nursing home which is arranged:
        1. Wholly or partly for domestic reasons
        2. In circumstances where the treatment could reasonably be provided whilst living in a normal place of residence
        • Nursing;
          1. Unless provided by a qualified registered nurse.
        • In circumstances where the attention could reasonably be given by a person other than a qualified registered nurse.
        • Treatment for infertility and impotence.
        • Treatment for genetic/chromosomes disorders including but not restricted to sickle cell and haemophilia.
        • External surgical appliances and prostheses including but not restricted to wheelchairs, frames.
        • Costs of donating an organ or incurred while locating a replacement organ Including transport and administrative cost.
        • Medical examinations and check-ups not incidental to the diagnosis of an illness or injury.
        • Any claim from a member whose application for medical insurance shall contain any willful misstatements or misrepresentation or who shall have willfully withheld any material information (including information withheld on the member’s behalf).
        • Claims and costs for treatment in respect of medical expenses incurred after the expiry date of the policy period arising from accidental bodily injury and/or illness occurring during the policy period unless the policy has been renewed.
        • Whilst or as a result of participating in sport as a professional player.
        • Costs of specific medical or surgical treatment for an impairment, illness or injury, which the company excluded when the member joined.
        • Any expenses for which the insured person has been or can be reimbursed from any other insurance including benefits received under any Workmen's Compensation Act or Government Schemes or Compensation except of any excess expenditure beyond the amount recovered from such other insurance or source.
      • Dental exclusions;

        • Crowns, caps, bridges and dentures
        • Orthodontics
        • Self- prescribed scaling
        • Replacement or repair of old/existing crowns, caps, bridges, dentures & orthodontics unless necessitated by accidents.

        Optical Exclusions;

        • Laser correction of eyesight
        • Cosmetic, antiglare, photochromatic, plano(flat) lenses.
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