Cover for goods Insure your goods from the loading of
the goods to the delivery of those goods.
      corporate goods in transit
      Goods in Transit What's Good in Transit cover?Cover starts with the loading of goods into a conveyance continue through the actual transit, covers storage incidental to the transit (goods must be on the conveyance), ceases following unloading of goods and delivery at the final warehouse. We also cover road risks such as the following perils; fire, collision, and overturning of the conveyance and theft incidental to the three
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        We cover all risks of loss or damage to the insured goods whilst in transit and during loading to and offloading from the carrying conveyance: the “all risks” definition is limited by the applicable exclusions/warranties, which will be considered separately. The additional perils under this cover may include: hijack, theft/ pilferage, water damage, SRCC, unexplained damage. We also offer another two types of policies under GIT:

        a) Annual covers

        b) Single transit covers

        goods in transit
        More cover options under Goods in TransitBelow are two other cover options for transporting goods.Annual coversThis is for an insured who is transporting goods and it may not be feasible for them to declare each transit to insurers before it takes place. In such a case, the insured opts for annual blanket cover based on an estimated annual carrying, which he declares to insurers. Come end of the year, the insured must declare the actual carry for the ended period of insurance after which the premium is adjusted accordingly with a refund being due to the insured or an additional premium being raised by the insurers.plane flying over cargo baySingle transit coversWhere an insured only requires cover for specific goods being moved from one place to another within East Africa, then a single transit cover may be issued. A good example maybe someone who has been transferred from Juba to work in Mombasa and wants to cover his household goods while in transit to Mombasa. Cover ceases on receipt of the goods at the specified destination.plane standing at airport
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          • Inherent defect or vice, deterioration, insufficiency of every insulation, contamination, mildews, vermin or unexplained shortages
          • Depreciation in value, delay, loss of market, misdelivery or consequential loss
          • Loss/damage where an employee of the lnsured or subcontractor is engaged as principal or accessory
          • War, riot & civil commotion
          • Loss or damage outside the geographical area stated in the policy
          • Theft from unattended vehicles
          • Cash or precious metals or documents or livestock
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