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      How to make a claim ? In the event of a claim, please notify us through telephone, e-mail or in writing. Once we receive the notification, we shall provide a claim form and request the relevant claim supporting documents depending on the type of claim.
      What to do in an accident?
      • Report the accident or theft to the Police immediately but not later than 24 hours and obtain a police abstract
      • Report the accident to UAP immediately.
      • Do not accept liability in case of an accident
      • Clear with the police and take the vehicle to any of our recommended garages or one of your choice and notify us.
      • Complete and return a claim form obtainable in our offices.
      • Attach the Police Abstract and a copy of the driving license of the person who was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident or loss.
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      What to do when replacing a windscreen?

      Have the windscreen replaced and send us a filled out claim form together with the replacement receipt and photographs of the damaged screen and we shall reimburse you. Alternatively, send us a claim form and obtain a letter of authority to replace the windscreen.

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      Want to know more about making a claim?We have answered a few questions you might have about making a claim.
      • Get in touch with us by calling our Toll Free Customer Helpline: 2111 or our telephone number +211 920 900 000 and +211 912 112 211. You can also email us at or

        If you want to visit our branch or mail us, you can use our address:

        UAP Equatoria Tower, Hai Neem, Malakia-Juba Road, Juba, South Sudan or P.O Box 201, Juba, South Sudan.

      • In the event of loss damage, take whatever steps are necessary to prevent further loss, damage and/or injury then you should report the claim immediately to the police and notify us.

        When I report my claim, what information do I need?

        When reporting a claim, it is helpful if you have the following:

        • Your policy number;
        • The date the loss occurred;
        • The address of the loss location;
        • A brief description of the loss; and
        • The contact information for third parties involved
      • Every claim is unique, and length of the claim process depends on a number of factors, including receipt of any documentation required to adjust your claim, whether or not an inspection is needed to fully assess your damages, and whether any coverage questions exist and require additional investigation. In all scenarios, our goal is to provide you with prompt, efficient and accurate claim handling. Once an agreed settlement is reached, we make every effort to issue your claim payment within 10 working days.
      • Life policy provides various benefits such as Death, Permanent Total Disability, Temporary Disability and Critical Illness as outlined in the policy document. In the event of a claim, notify us through telephone, e-mail or in writing and we shall provide a claim form and request the relevant claim supporting documents.
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